Fun Facts

If you want to learn more about our history and the various elements of the game that make Softgolf so much fun, check this out.

How it Started
The concept of Softgolf™ started in 1974 and it took 5 years from concept, research, developing prototypes, receiving patents to the first operation in Delran, NJ in 1979.  Ray, Jr.s parents Raymond, Sr. and Blanche Baldorossi operated the first Softgolf™ course serving raving fans and repeat customers for ten years.

Fast forward to today.  Softgolf ™ now has a durable ball and equipment that glows in the dark for fun, night time golf play. 

Our Experience
Softgolf™ successfully operated in Delran, NJ for 10 years and held a World Softgolf™ Championship tournament every year. People from all over the Greater Philadelphia area lined up to enjoy this fun family activity including former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworsky.

We're excited to now have Softgolf™ in Clemmons, NC offering a new outdoor activity to the Winston Salem and greater Triad area.

Green Energy
We at Solfgolf™ believe in using green energy that's why we are committed to using solar power and green energy in our operations.


One of the recent advances in Softgolf™ is solar-powered night time play. Everything glows in the dark making it a fun and exciting night game all ages love.

The Clubs
Large faced Cleek (like a 3 iron), Skupr (like an 8 iron), and a Putter are used for hitting the ball. The clubs weigh about the same as a standard golf club which allows players to use the same swing as traditional golf. However, because of the size of the ball and the clubhead, it is much easier for novice players or those with limited physical abilities.

The larger clubs, balls and holes Softgolf™ provides allows everyone no matter what your ability to enjoy golf.

The Balls
The  Patented Foam Ball is 4 3/8 Inches originally hand made with a homemade machine using old 1960s washing machine and skateboard wheels and many other recycled parts from the 1960s. Although it still works today, Ray Jr. has recently developed a highly durable ball allowing for this unique golf game to be played in all kinds of weather and temperatures.  These bright, glow in the dark balls add excitement to this fun outdoor game.