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While COVID caused a lot of us to make changes to our normal routine, we are grateful for the improvements it forced us to make so Softgolf is even more enjoyable for all players moving forward. Many of you realized how easy it is to play and how fun it is ... even if you have never played golf before.

Currently, we are designing a new website to make the Softgolf online experience more user friendly. While making this update, we wanted to make sure you have the ability to go ahead and get your 2021 Pass today. This will enable you to come out and start using it as soon as tee times open up.

How does a pass work? That's a great question. Each pass is owned by a Pass Holder. Rounds can be played by anyone as long as the Pass Holder is present during play. This makes passes great for families and business owners who are looking for fun outdoor activities that are COVID friendly.

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